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At 3:58am on June 9, 2011, NILUROX said…


jst came up to see hw ur doin!

hp evrythings alryt with ur mom!


take care!

evrything will be fyn ;)


At 2:58am on May 26, 2011, NILUROX said…
still a bit abt ur self is- U DECIDE huh??
At 2:57am on May 26, 2011, NILUROX said…

lolz! leather??? nyc

well im doing gd!

feeling better! ;)


hwz lyf with u?


At 5:42am on May 25, 2011, NILUROX said…

well i jst spotted this and it reminded me of ur BAT MAN SUIT! ;P
At 7:58am on May 9, 2011, NILUROX said…
hwz lyf goin on???
At 4:53am on May 7, 2011, NILUROX said…



At 9:14pm on May 6, 2011, NILUROX said…


u didnt tell me tht u found her! 


well hav fun bat man! ;P 

At 4:54am on May 5, 2011, NILUROX said…

HAHAHA man with wings huh??? lolzz


u shld print it and giv it to ur dream grl tony! ;P

or perhaps to tht grl ,u liked earlier ;)

At 8:08am on May 2, 2011, NILUROX said…

goddddddddddd u are mad at me! u sound like tht! is evrything alryt???? 

im srry tht im nt messaging u! bt well to tell u the truth i deleted AIM! coz u tld me tht whnever u talk to me u keep on liking me more! so i thght iit was better nt to talk to u coz i dnt want u to get hurt! 

im srry 4 evrything ! 

At 11:10pm on April 23, 2011, NILUROX said…

heyy! lng tym!


well my aim thingo is nt wrking! 

plus skls gonna strt! soon! i wont be able to cm onlyn tht much!


so hwz lyf??? did u dream grl shw up? LOL

t.c. bat man!

At 7:26am on April 20, 2011, NILUROX said…

heyy bat man??? so hw was ur day?? did she shw up??

i wont be able to come online tommrw! iv gt physics classes! 

take care


At 10:27pm on April 19, 2011, NILUROX said…

nope i didnt! i gt scolded for having long nails! and it was the 2nd tym! 


yeah ! t.c.


At 1:06am on April 19, 2011, NILUROX said…

im srry i had to leave suddently! my mom came poping into my room saying tht i have to get ready for my piano classes!


so nw im off to the class! 


cya soon!

At 10:42pm on April 18, 2011, NILUROX said…

u said hi to ur granny 4 me??? lolzz

kkk i sure will!

At 2:44am on April 18, 2011, NILUROX said…

have fun with ur uncle!

and say hi to ur grand ma! 

At 10:08pm on April 17, 2011, NILUROX said…
At 10:07pm on April 17, 2011, NILUROX said…

well yeah i can see tht ur onlyn! and dead buzy i guess?

unique name?????? LOL who tld ya?


well ur email add is in simple FYI! lol! ur funny  knw?

At 8:37am on April 17, 2011, NILUROX said…


email add is

At 12:42am on April 17, 2011, NILUROX said…

lol! yeah make sure tht u keep it as a secret!

lol ill make sure tht i give it to edward to deliver it to u whn he comes Modesto, CA lol

k batman! 


YOU ARE NOT  A MORONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! ( wonders whts left to convince this idiot tht hes nt a moron)

i dont think tht we'll get a winner in this battle!

lol me bat woman????? lmaoooooo! im nt Into bats! ur the one whos in luv with bats and infact whos  A BAT!


ahh well i dint have it! bt im downloading it! ill post u my username as soon as im done with it!

lol u dnt talk tht much compared to me! i talkk AAA LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT more THAN A LOT!



At 11:03pm on April 16, 2011, NILUROX said…

well actually speaking of the truth  i get a lil bit dizzy whenever i ge to smell  blood! lol wht  vamp ryt?

YEAH WE HATE SISTERS! im wrking on my "i hate my sister" badge! want one? lol

k fyn thts nt childish! i give up! its rocking! happy?

lol ur the batman??? ohkayy ! FUNNY! rofl seriously tht bat man part made me laugh!


lol i dnt care wether u crossed ur fingers or nt! UR NOT A MORON! (screams her tonsils out and starts hitting u)

lol i can imagine the bat man shaking his butt! lmao!!! ur damn funny batman!


p.s.-wht srt of an aim are u talking abt? as in, in my  real lyf or else smthing realted to this TONY THE BATMAN  movie?



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