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At 10:27pm on June 15, 2013, QinG said…

Allo Jess

So, did you manage to secure a Summit ticket? HK show is out for me... sigh... I just learnt of a show in KL, Malaysia on 19 Aug 2013! It's on a Monday, my god... I really feel like banging my head on my laptop when I saw the news...

The KL show is the nearest one that I can make it, if there's no S'pore show in the end. But, it's on a Monday! Right smack in the middle of my peak period at work as I told you earlier. I'm still weighing my options, just feel kinda miserable given the bad timing and all.

Will you be going to the HK show on your own?

At 4:50am on May 23, 2013, QinG said…

Hi Jess!

Yes, I just read the news abt the next LPU Summit at HK! I really hope you will get a chance to see LP at the Summit again. :) I am sooo envious of you right now! I am trying to think of a possibility to go over to HK maybe just for 2 or 3 days, but chances are so low given my peak at work during that period. SIGH!

And, I would say not to worry abt Chester going over to STP. He already clarified that would not happen, I'm sure it's just a collaboration thingy, and will not affect LP at all. Since Chester did Dead by Sunrise then as lead vocalist, he can sure 'lend' his voice to STP since he liked them pretty much, but that does not mean he will abandon LP. :)

At 5:37am on May 13, 2013, QinG said…

Gd to hear from you again, Jess! :) I'm happy to know that you have bought a tix to see LP in HK, it will be so exciting to see them live again! Yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed that  they will come to Singapore or Malaysia. August is just not a gd time for me... :(

I'm praying hard now!

At 5:53am on April 25, 2013, QinG said…

Hi Jess!

Long time no contact! :) I'm not sure whether you are still following LP's news. The band has confirmed a performance in your home country in HK on 15 Aug 2013! Lucky you!

I'm still praying hard that they will come by S'pore... Sighz! August is my peak season at work and I just can't travel out to see them! Arrgghh!

I sure hope you can go and see them though!


At 9:27am on September 29, 2012, QinG said…

Hey Jess!

Sorries for this late reply, I missed your earlier comment on 29 Aug 2012.

I left for LA on 1 Sept 2012 and came back on 17 Sept 2012. Attended LP's live show at Carson, CA on 8 Sept 2012, it was awesome! I enjoyed myself tremendously!! :) That show was broadcasted live by AXS so you can watch it online.

Yes! I am eagerly awaiting LP's Living Things tour to make stops at cities near us in 2013! If possible, we can both go together to see LP eh?!

Take care, Jess!

At 11:03pm on August 25, 2012, QinG said…

Hi Jess

Yes, I am getting quite excited over my coming US trip. Hope to see a great live show and I will tell you abt it when I come back. :)

Yes, Australia is a nice place to travel to, their nature sights are very attractive. And it's a near destination to us, heehh. With this trip out to NZ and Australia, we can hope that LP will also tour some Asian cities, yeah? I hope they will goto HK or S'pore or Malaysia or Vietnam, somewhere real near and we can both go and see them live again next yr! :)

At 11:25pm on August 11, 2012, QinG said…

Hey Jess!

I have finally confirmed my trip to the US and I will be seeing LP live at the Honda Civic show on 8 Sept 2012! I'll be travelling alone for 2 weeks in the US - 1st week in LA and 2nd week in Austin, Texas. I am really excited and abit scared at the same time.

I love LP's new album too! So many favs from that album, and like you, I've been listening to the album on repeat, haha! Yes, let's pray very hard that LP will travel to Asia again early next yr. Did you hear they will be going to Australia sometime in March 2013? But it's not a full LP show, so I don't think it's worth going there?


At 10:41pm on June 23, 2012, QinG said…

Hi Jess!

Sorries for this late reply. I have booked a tix to see LP at Carson, California on 8 Sept 2012, hah! Now, I just have to make this trip a reality. In the midst of planning a US vacation trip, not sure whether things will work out though. That LP show tix is my motivator now. :O

Now, let's cross our fingers and hope LP will schedule some shows in Asia after they are done with the US tours!

At 7:59am on April 27, 2012, QinG said…

Hey Jess!

How r u doing? Did you see all these news abt LP's new shows in Europe and USA?

Will you be going to any of their shows this yr? I am thinking abt going to the Honda Civic shows in the US! Let me know if you are planning anything, ok?! :)

At 7:24am on September 12, 2011, QinG said…

WOW! I am sooo envious of you right now, Jess! Hehehe, it must be awesome to be able to see the guys up close & personal! I'm glad you have enjoyed yourself on both shows.

Now, I'm counting down to LP's BKK show!

At 5:17am on September 9, 2011, QinG said…

Hey Jess!

How was LP's HK and Japan shows? Did you have an enjoyable time? :O)

At 5:45am on September 6, 2011, QinG said…
I see. Good for you that you can meet LP in person at the M&G! :) I'm not a LPU member so no chance for for M&G. Just hope to enjoy a nite of electrifying rock music in BKK! I hope you will have an enjoyable time at HK and Toyko! :)
At 6:51am on August 31, 2011, QinG said…

Ohh! So Jess, does that mean that you and your frens are not going to BKK in Sept? So you will not be seeing LP live at BKK, instead you will be going Tokyo issit?

Hmm, then what abt the BKK concert tix you bought earlier?

Aww, it's a pity we cannot meet up in BKK... hopefully will have another chance to catch each other in another LP's concert in future. :)

At 8:50am on August 3, 2011, QinG said…

Hey, Jess!

So have you confirmed with your frens whether you are coming to BKK to see LP on 23 Sept 2011?

At 5:40am on July 8, 2011, QinG said…

Well,no, I have not been to Aktiv Square... Yes, it's a huge outdoor areana, so I'm abit worried abt the crowd on that day, espec. after the concert.

The gates are supposed to open ard 5pm or so on that day. Usually a few bands will play before LP performs ard 8pm. I'm not sure when I will arrive yet, prob. ard 4pm since I need to collect my tix at the box office on that day.

Not sure when the Zone A tix will sell out. Maybe you hurry your frens to make a decision soon? :P

At 5:10am on July 5, 2011, QinG said…

Yes, I do hope you and ya frens can come over to BKK. :) Let me know you have decided on ya BKK trip, ok? Maybe we can also arrange to meetup for LP's show on that day! :)

Tell us how LP's HK show is like later!

At 5:27am on July 4, 2011, QinG said…

Ohh! So u already bought the HK tix. :) I would love to go HK to see LP too but it's abit too expensive to travel there (I haven't been there for several yrs), and also the show's on Tuesday, hard to arrange for leave in the middle of the week. :(

I do hope u and ya frens can come over to BKK, it's a nice place to visit. :)

At 10:40pm on July 2, 2011, QinG said…


Yes, I have purchased the pre-sale tix (Underground/FC). THB3000 for a tix is already expensive to me, hah!

No, I will not be going to the F1 show. It's not worthwhile to spend on the F1 tix since LP will just perform a few songs, and I'm not interested in F1 races anyway. Though, the plus points are there might be other gd performers together with LP and also the who is right here at home.

Aren't you going to the LP show in HK? So why are u thinking of coming to BKK?

At 9:18am on July 1, 2011, QinG said…
Another thing - VIP seats should be more expensive than THB3000.
At 9:15am on July 1, 2011, QinG said…

Hi Jess

Sorries I missed your message - I only checked in today.

VIP seat is different from the Underground/FC & Zone A. I believe VIP area may designated seats, very near the stage.

For all the rest of the tickets, they would be standing seats. However, there are different rows, you see. Did you get the THB3000 ticket?

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