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At 5:02am on October 15, 2012, Mary said…

haha, thanks! *hi 5* have you ever seen them?

At 10:45pm on October 14, 2012, Matthew Color said…

Don't worry I'll make u to speak, ha ha ha  :P :P :P But IN THE END  it doesn't even matter 

hheheheheh xD 

I think u went Pizza not cake :P u made MAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Not My fault U eating alot like monster :P 

At 5:17pm on October 14, 2012, Matthew Color said…

Yea that's great to meet my mom :P but yea why ? cookie monsters don't like massage !!!!!! ;p 

b.r.b :P !@#$%^*  

At 4:17pm on October 14, 2012, Matthew Color said…

ma'am :P O.o  Do u want call u more pizza ? :P :P :P  your mind getting control by your hunger :P

first i should take care of your hungry then make u think aloooo wake up u are not in school 

 u are home i swear and u are in LP site :P  and I am a guy :P */*  :P xD 

At 1:47pm on October 14, 2012, Shannon Griesberg said…

Yeah, my name's Shannon. Haha, no offence taken, but Shannon is a guy's name too. Think of Shannon Noll?

At 12:08pm on October 14, 2012, Matthew Color said…

O.O U TREATED by mE :P  Sound iS gOOd xD  goddamn I love dolls  :P :P :P :P 

replaying or not it's your call :P haha  ummmm u sound  ridiculous, it's okay u don't  i don't think so :P

ok ok ok ok ok don;t punches me I'll bake u :P I know u love milk , u drink milk for dinner last night :P barbie hahahaahah :D xD U Didn't gave me name so i call u Barbie Ang :P lol :P $.$ ._'.

hey how are u barbie :P :P :P :P :P :P  *.* 

At 11:05am on October 14, 2012, Mary said…

haha, well this is a 2009 picture!but yeah, i'm proud of them! :3 

At 5:17am on October 14, 2012, Rahul Kataria said…

hii there....u ask me to draw Natsu n Sasuke,well u see....i don't get free time so as to draw anything,its been a while since i've picked up my sketch book,but be sure i'll do the requests u ask for asap ^^ i'll inform u as soon i'm done.Moreover , i started on "Natsu" drawing last month but due to exams;was unable to finish.

And ofc if you are hungry for my cooking i can try making Indian dishes for you :D

At 4:39am on October 14, 2012, Aliaksei Makarevich said…

Hi) How are you?

At 9:09pm on October 13, 2012, Matthew Color said…

awwwwww thank god u are teen damn i thought u are really a 3 years old child cause if u wouldn't say that i went call my mom to come & talk to u cause she's mom she know better how to talk to child haha xD

AND of curse i watch disney :P 

ummmmm i like involves in my life :P lol 

but it;s okay if u really like me feel free to invite me cup of coffee ha ha ha xxxDDD 

At 8:45pm on October 13, 2012, Matthew Color said…

U asking means u wanna have date with me ? no sorry I'm not soccer to date girls and u are only 3 years old kid

:P :P :P :P :P 

and about DISNEY i meant that, sorry , i broke your heart :P hahah 

u seems mad girl!!!!!!!!! :p 

It's okay drink your milk then we'll talk, you're hungry then u are angry :P :P :P oh wait u are drinking milk ? O.o I really curious how old are u ? :P xD

somebody or nobody, strange theory :P lol 

at last tnx for joining :D 

At 8:25pm on October 13, 2012, Matthew Color said…

oh Okay most of times i am in young levels, after guys who are 13,14,15, but ok if u telling me old i'm 18 so how old are u ? 1 month, or maybe 3 years old :P :P :P

& DiSnY Is nICe i lIKe iT :P and uMmMmMm Bestie seems coooooooool   and about playing yea seriously but what I'm still in adult team, i mean 2 years later i can in real team :P but i could be in spain right now :P FC Valencia want me remember {Adult team}  but my father as my manger cancelled everything, so still I'm here :P  

At 8:07pm on October 13, 2012, Matthew Color said…

Well 10 years I'm 18. i started to listen to LP when i had 8 from same first songs and about in the end absolutely you're right, maybe it would be strange for u, but it's for 7 years everyday more than 10 times i listening to this song i mean i said my life's song :P crawling, in the end, and numb describing me somehow and i playing for in USA for Galaxy, ok don't be my good friend :P it's all your choice ha ha ha :P but please change your mind :D    

At 7:33pm on October 13, 2012, Matthew Color said…

OMG, Who are u ? :O in this past 10 years u are the first person talking about Numb, Crawling, In The End, This 3 songs are my life's songs,

One thing, I don't know why doesn't even matter how hard u try, Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme, to remind myself how i tried so hard,

crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal, fear is how i fall, confusing what is real

Cause everything that u thought i would be, has falling apart right in front of u

Thank u so much for adding me, :))))) and wow you're a sport person, and u love soccer that's awesome, i love soccer so much ;D & yea you're right, their songs touching and breathtakingly i had only 8 and they blow up me from inside,  and that's good really, in this cruel world we are living, we could have hope we are not alone and there's someone out there to help the others, by the way if u would Join my new group

Probably u got headache sorry, IN THE END Hope to be good friends :) 

Nice to meet u 


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