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At 12:51pm on December 1, 2010, Georgiaaa said…
Hey Black Widow :D
Long time no see, how are you? :)
At 2:43pm on June 2, 2010, rko(metalmadult) said…
hey sweetie, just t let u know i have posted a pic of my tat on my page, let me know wot u think?
hope u r ok
At 3:33am on May 31, 2010, rko(metalmadult) said…
k will send it asap, pc is broken at the mo so i need t take another pic then ill send it t ya, hope all is good with you talk soon babe
At 6:01am on May 29, 2010, Lara said…
Sigur! Nici o problema. Dupa cum vezi si eu d-abia mai dau pe aici... :(
Mailul meu e lineus_red@*********
La mine nimica prea special zilele astea. Am maine partea de oral pt cambridge si sper sa iasa bine... Se poate sa merg in august la targu mures la festivalul ala cu peninsula. Cica ar veni Korn si ma cam tenteaza da acuma sa vad si cu cine merg ca eu vroiam sa stau mai mult sa vizitez si orasul. Ramane de vazut...
Tu ce mai faci?
At 6:57pm on May 26, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
no its just idk... my best friend told me yesterday he can;t see me again because he had thoughts that were old that he started thinking and he didnt want to have to think about them again.. and me and my fiance were in a fight... i dont know life has been hard these last few sound like my sister when i got mad that she was getting married with out me... and yes i know we will keep in touch.. il just miss you... i love you you know??
love your lil sis
At 7:54am on May 26, 2010, rko(metalmadult) said…
hey babe, upset with u??? never, u always said u didnt like this site so i understand, just keep in touch thats all, ur on my live profile so we can chat thro that if thats ok. Im grand the kids r fine other than that.... nothing new...oh except i got my tat!!! im so happy with it. hope all is ok with you and hope we get t chat soon. take care my friend
At 6:59pm on May 25, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
craooy... every one is leaving me when i most need them.....
At 10:18am on May 25, 2010, Antje said…
Hiiii....ok, just say when you are leaving. So I can stop spaming this site... ;))
Ofcourse I share this with're my friend....
I really don't know what will happen next. It was very clear it's just a "little affaire" and it's just at Malta. But when we said goodbye he said to me "I like you, I like you too much." And he wrote a sms yesterday to me...."I miss you. I would be happy with you on my site.". Today nothing....I AM GOING CRAZY HERE!!!!!

I don't feel good at the moment.

Oh, btw... I went to Rammstein yesterday. It was raining....I was drenched with rain. The show was amazing....a lot of fire and pyrotechny.... But can you believe voice is complete tone....

Take care....hugs
At 7:09pm on May 24, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
plz dont leave the site... ill miss you
love your lil sis
At 7:36am on May 24, 2010, Antje said…
.....more then alive....I feel like me.... :))

You can leave this site but not me!!!!!
At 5:54am on May 24, 2010, Antje said…
Hi my dear, I am back.... How are you??? Hope you had a good week and not that much stress.

I extended my stay in malta for two days.... ;)
Malta is a beautiful island. Nothing like germany...not so controlled, not so serious, the people are friendly and relaxed. Everything looks a bit "unfinished". But it is in his own way great. You know what I mean? The weather was great...sun and warm but not hot.

But you know what: I am so stupid. I fell in love in Malta. Can you believe that? I've met him the first night. I saw him and I was like..."Ok, that can't be true". We had a great week. He made me feel special. It was intense. It was very clear it is just for this week. But heart is broken again...but on the other side I feel amazing. Weird...

Tonight I am going to RAMMSTEIN.... I need music very loud and clunk....

Send you big hugs!!!! Take care my friend
At 5:44pm on May 23, 2010, Your Conscience said…
Oh, hun. That's great to hear. I'm so happy for you! ^_^
At 4:55pm on May 23, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
lol nope not yet but if you would like i have pics of me dressed up as a man from my play lol :D i was really happy to see my family there... but last night ws bad because i messed up and my fiances mom was there with a camra and she was taping the whole thing.. that made me i have to work on my math which i hate math sucks... i wish i could learn german or french more than spanish but i seem to be good at it... how are you today??? also i will send you pcs i promiss
love your lil sis
At 11:42am on May 23, 2010, Lara said…
Eh, ce sa mai facem acuma? Mergem inainte (cu tupeu!)
D-abia am scapat si eu de saptamana asta... vineri am avut prezentarea proiectului de practica si cum e tipic la noi mai mult am pierdut vremea. A trebuit sa stau mai mult pe holuri pana a venit proful respectiv care trebuia sa ne asculte. Nici nu stiu de ce ma mai mir... da, ma rog, a trecut si a fost bine in final :) Asta conteaza pana la urma. Acuma am duminica viitoare partea de vorbit la cambridge si m-am interesat ce o sa fie si sincer zic ca o sa ma puna in 15 minute sa bat campii de nu o sa mai stiu de mine :\
Tu ce ai mai facut?
At 1:09pm on May 22, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
yeah im good.. its been raining a lot here too.... yesterday i did my play i was so nervous but my fiance helped me calm down.. he makes me calm idk why though... and tonight i get to do it again but i think tonight will be eiser and i wont be so nervous... i cant wait....i have to learn spanish or some other languge here in the states especially in my state i have to have two years of a forin languge and this is my first year then i have one more.. i wanted to take german but my school only has spanish.. it sucks but i think im pretty good at itmy mom suprised me last night.. she came to see me preform and she asked my granpa to be there i had no clue but he was there and i was happy to see him usually i dont get along with him.. but i was touched that he came to see me and he was sick to so that made it all the more special... i hope you feel better... maybe i will find some pictures of sunny places to you so you ill feel better when you see the sun and the blue sky
love your lil sis
At 8:54pm on May 19, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
i'll i can say is you never know what will happen tomorrow or what the future will hold and i really hope you wont lose faith..... im okay i have had a good day today i dont really have those any more......... i have a question... i have to meak a scrap book of my family members in my spanish class and i was wondering if i could put you in there as my sis.. if you dont and my fiance fixed all the problems we were having which is good i hate fighting with him.. and now he gives me back rubs every day :)... i still think he is really sweet.... any way how are you??? i love you
love your lil sis
At 10:30pm on May 17, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
for one your not stupid and two.. we all do things thatt make no sence but at the time it felt right and you know if you would of never "watsed" those years you migt of never come here and then i would have never met the big sister i have always wanted...not to mention all the other amazing ppl you have met here.. and besides i love you and you needed time to figure things out in your life and mabey you figured things would never work for you but apperently you needed that and you would heav never gotten there with out doing this....

love your lil sis
At 4:58pm on May 16, 2010, Mistee Jhay said…
well i tryed to tell them no and they kept insisting and being jokes i really don't like then... i just feel that as late there are to many boys in heat... or something... the party was good but i didnt sleep well and i got sunburnt... i saw my fiance though and that was nice... yeah i guess you and shean are kinda family now lol... i will give him a hug from you... im tired a lot now and yeah i dont know i feel kinda confused but the trouble is i dont know why... i suppose that might be why i am confused... june tenth is the day i get out of school and i cant wait because then i get to go to the coast with my fiance and my parents i can't wait its going to be soooo much fun.... i hope your doing just fine and that you have been happy even if it was just fior a second....

love your lil sis
At 10:18am on May 16, 2010, Lara said…
:D No problem! Si pe mine ma apuca uneori o vorbarie de nici nu zici ca sunt eu ;)
Nu trebuia sa-ti faci sange rau din cauza lui ca si asa ai probleme destule! Asa mai faceam si eu. Imi inchipuiam zeci de scenarii cand in realitate persoana respectiva era fericit si fara vreo grija.
Si eu am cam scapat din probleme legate de viata sentimentala. Cel de care iti ziceam ca e coleg cu mine, am cam taiat-o cu el pt ca a fost chiar nesimtit intr-o seara. S-a comportat oribil. A vrut sa-l ajut cu o chestie pt scoala iar eu nu am putut si de aici a iesit la iveala tot ce credea el despre mine... avea o parere extrem de "buna" despre mine in tot acest timp cat eu am tinut la el! Si s-a comportat ca si cum eu nu l-as fi ajutat niciodata. Deci nu mai am ce comenta. Nu a mai fost asa de mare soc in schimb. Ma asteptam sa ma apuce plansul si sa ma simt rau dar nu am prea avut reactii secundare. Doar ca il ocolesc acuma si chiar nu mai imi pasa ce face. Doar atat lucru mai e: m-a dezamagit imens pt tot ce a facut. L-am considerat diferit cand el de fapt nu era.
Acuma ma si simt mai bine chiar daca ma simt mai singura. Dar imi fac de lucru :) Si da, majoritatea persoanelor pe care le cunosc sunt niste asa zisi prieteni care ma cunosc numai cand au nevoie de ceva. :)
Eu cred ca o sa pastrez contul oricum dar nush cat de des o sa intru. Presupun cand o sa vad un mail de la cine mai vorbesc ;) Noroc ca primesc mailuri ca altfel uitam ca mai am si contul asta. :D
At 7:07am on May 16, 2010, Lara said…
Da... sunt niste dureri infernale. Se pare ca singurul remediu este sa beau apa multa si sa sper ca se va duce totul cand e doar nisip :/ Acuma nush... Eu nu prea beau apa de cand ma stiu (sunt un mic alien ;) ) si acuma imi e cam greu sincer.
:( Stiu cum e sa fii singura. Eu am cam abandonat ideea de a mai avea pe cineva apropiat. Daca nici colega-mea de la facultate nu mai suna ce sa ma zic! Tot eu trebuie sa sun de fiecare data sa vad ce mai face lumea. Ce sa inteleg din asta? Ca nu vor sa vorbeasca cu mine si gata.
Intru mai greu pe aici ca deja a inceput si pe aici asa zisul hit on si deja ma enerveaza. Toti arabi si indieni nu au altceva de facut decat sa ma tacane la cap cu intrebari de genu: ai prieten? cati ani ai? >:( ma scoate din sarite... bine ca pot sa ma pun offline dar uneori mai uit ;)
In fine... Tu ce mai faci? Eu am vineri ultimul proiect de practica de prezentat si sunt stresata :((


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