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At 4:08pm on March 15, 2012, Katrina. B said…

thanks my day was ok just finished work at 10. hope u had good day

At 4:46pm on March 14, 2012, Katrina. B said…

hey how are you thanks for add

At 2:29am on March 12, 2012, Katrina. B said…

hey ive sent u friend invite on lpu too

At 5:56am on February 23, 2012, LPSOLDIERSFTW said…

Thank you Siany!! An

At 3:31am on July 18, 2011, An Van Oppens said…
more people should use their profile =D
At 1:36pm on June 20, 2011, An Van Oppens said…
Yay!! so glad to be back :p
At 8:27am on June 19, 2011, An Van Oppens said…

hey siany! i'm in lpu, finally ^^


At 9:47am on March 7, 2011, Glacier said…
Hi Si-chan! ;D I'm doing great, thanks. How is it going? :) It's alright. You don't need to be sorry for the late reply. I understand if you have been busy with home lately, but please, take some time and rest a bit, ok? :3 My day has been nice, thanks. I've been just at home lately and hanging out from time to time. I'm also working on a new paper, so that keeps me busy somehow. Aww, nice to know it's going to be Spring in there :D Is the weather getting better so? Have an awesome day too :D See you soon! Take care a lot tomodachi ^^
At 5:41am on March 7, 2011, An Van Oppens said…
Aww cool! LP's coming to Download this year? (Jeez, I should have a better look at the tour dates :p)... I just got my tix for Rock Werchter paid ^^ LP finally in Belgium yay!! Can't wait! xp xx
At 7:44am on March 4, 2011, An Van Oppens said…

Heyhey ^^

I'm doing fine... being very excited for Rock Werchter already :D

How've you been? x

At 4:51am on January 25, 2011, Glacier said…

Hi Si-chan ;D How have you been lately? It has been a while since I don't catch you up on FB or something :/ I've been kind of busy lately with my job and stuff. What about you?

Have an awesome day! Take care and see you soon my dear mate ^-^

At 8:53pm on December 29, 2010, Glacier said…

Hey Siany! ;D This time I will have to say I'm so sorry for the late reply :/ I was busy with all the end of the semester stuff at college, so I didn't had the chance to answer my comments in here. Hehe. Don't worry for your late reply. I'm glad that we could catch up each other on Skype :)

That sounded funny! Being a PlayStation person is cool, but I'm mostly a PC person as I love to play on the PC hehe.I will check it out the album of the M&G :) I still have that group picture you sent me by Skype :D It's such an amazing picture :P

Oh, is it still snowing in there? I hope you can be able to go to your work lately :) How is work going by the way?

As for me, I'm officially on vacations and I've got a job :P It's not a long term job, so I will work to get some money for summer vacations hehe. I'm happy that I finished the semester :D

Have an awesome day my friend! Take care :) See you! Xoxoxo ^-^

At 8:53am on December 12, 2010, Jon Stevens said…

Thankies =3

At 2:39pm on December 5, 2010, Aaron James Mortlock said…
Hay :D how are u today, hope yah feeling better did u call through to work, ill catch u online, cya :)
At 6:21pm on December 3, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D I'm sorry about this late reply again! :/ I've been really busy with college stuff and I don't come here so often u.u I know this has happened many times, but now, when the end of the semester is getting close, things are chaotic :S
I'm glad to know that you have been fine lately. How are you today? :P It's also great to hear that you will have a job again :D What a nice news! :DDD I hope all goes well with the work :)
I think you will never forget when you talked to them :D And that's cool, because it's very nice memories n.n I can imagine how you felt that day :)
College is going well. I want to improve my qualifications and I'm trying hard to do it :D But it's stressing to be all the time doing stuff. Today I just took a break and I played PS3 with a classmate :D We played soccer (FIFA). I hadn't played soccer before, but it was awesome haha.
So, what's new with you? :P Christmas is getting close. Do you do something special for that day?
Have a very nice day! Take care. See you ^,^
At 6:28am on November 18, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D I'm fine, just some busy with college, but anyway I try to have fun with friends and stuff :P
Whoa-hoo! Great to know that you met the band members Siany :DDD You see? Everything can be allright if we see the bright side :) I imagine how happy are you because you met them and besides, that you saw the live :D Wee!!! Now you have signed your flag :DDD What did you talk to Chaz, Mike and Phi? :) I'm really happy for you Siany! :D It's awesome to know that you had a nice time and that you could let go the sorrow and all the bad things that have happened to you in this year :)
So, what's new with you? How have you been? Have a very nice day and take care a lot ... See you! ^^
At 6:39pm on November 6, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D Thanks for being so comprehensive about the late reply. I'm glad that this time I could reply in a decent time :P
Wow! You're almost over with your work at the supermarket :O Anyway, it's not good to hear that you don't think they will offer the job again :/
Aww, and you're ill :S That's really not good to hear. I hope you to get well soon :D
Oh my God! You're so close to see LP live :D You don't have to be nervous, because when I travelled to the capital city too see LP live, it was the first time I did it, but as I wasn't alone, I felt better. So you should feel ok, because you will go with your brother :D My best wishes to you about the Meet and Greet thing :) But come on! Don't think that way. Everything is possible! Trust me. I wouldn't believe if someone had told me that I would meet Chester, but I did and it was great :D So, keep a positive thinking and things can go allright.
I've been fine, thanks :) I'm just preparing myself for a bunch of exams at college, but I'm trying to take it by the bright side XD This weekend is going well anyway and that's nice! What about you? How is your weekend going?
Have a great day! Take care and get well soon. See you ^-^
At 11:03am on October 27, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D I'm sorry again for the late reply! :S I think that being busy is just normal in me =/ Anyway, I will try to come here so often :D
I'm fine, thanks. How have you been? :D
I'm glad to know that you're allright and that you're already working :) Those are great news! It's also good to know that you don't have any problems with the hearing :) Oh well, it's normal that you don't understand what people say sometimes, but I think if you explain people that asks you for help, they will understand :P
Awesome! So you will be able to go to the concert :DDD Good news! When you go, you have to tell how was the experience :) Wow! You're part of LPU :D Great! And you have been a fan since a lot ;) Such a great fan you're :P
I like anime and I think I will try Gaia sometime ;)
Tell me how are things going with you. Have a nice rest of the week! Take care :D See you soon! ^-^
At 2:21pm on October 7, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D I’m sorry for this late reply =/ I have been so busy lately >.br />
I’m fine, thanks :) How are you? I’m so happy to know that your life is ok at the moment :P So, did the job centre found you a job? How is that’s going? Hehe … You’re right! It’s strange that you just start a job and then, you ask for permission to go to a concert to other town XD But maybe, you will have the chance to do that. Thank God I didn’t have problems with my boss because of LP’s concert. I’m going to the capital city to see them live and I won’t be at work tomorrow, but my boss was ok with that. Yay! Nah, you don’t need to cancel LP’s concert … Anyway, I hope everything goes well with that :)
How is that online game called Gaia? ;3 Seems to be interesting :P A the moment, there’s nothing interesting with me either, except the LP’s concert hehe … I hope to have fun with that and some rest as well :D
Have a very nice day Siany! :) Take care … xoxoxo
Ruth ^,^
At 3:28pm on September 18, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D Oh, please ... Don't worry for the late reply! :P It's oki n_n
Why didn't you come back to college? :S Oh, good luck with the job search :) I hope you can find a job soon :DDD
Aww, I understand. I won't answer again! I promise :P
I imagine that's getting colder in England, because it will be autumn in there soon :P In here it's getting warmer, because we will be in Spring season ;D Awesome! :) You're going to see LP in a few months :P I'm going to see them live in October 9th and I can't wait for that >.br /> I don't like Spring :S I have allergia to all the flower stuff XD LOL ... Anyway, it's a nice season hehe
I live in Chile and it's in the same zone that Australia :P But Chile is in South America and Australia is in other continent XD
So, how is your life going? Any news? Have a great day! ;D Take care and see you soon ^,^


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