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At 2:32pm on September 8, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D I'm doing fine in here, just starting work and college again. What about you? :P
Thanks for your comprehension! ;D I thought you would hate me because I forgot your birthday u.u
I'm glad that you had a good day on your birthday Siany n.n And I'm so happy that you like the picture I sent you ;D
So, how was your Cusion's wedding? And did you see your dad? :O
Well, summer is getting closer now. Sometimes we have really hot days in here and it's not even spring yet XD. What about the weather in there? :P
Have a very nice day! Take care. See you! n.n
Ruth ^^
At 9:16am on August 16, 2010, Glacier said…
Oh my God! I feel like a boob! I forgot your birthday ... I'm so sorry Siany! :S
Anyway, I hope you have had fun. Tell me about the details if you want, ok?

Please, don't hate me! u.u
At 9:14am on August 16, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! ;D
Well, I will call you Siany from now on. Anyway, I think Sian is a nice name :P Why do you fall asleep sometimes? :P
I'm so sorry about your mom's dog u.u ... It's very sad I imagine.
Well, I've been good, thanks. I'm just trying to enjoy my winter vacations. I'm playing basketball again and playing Prototype on my computer. It's just an amazing videogame. I love it! ;D
How was your weekend? Take care. Xoxoxo ^,^
At 10:41am on August 4, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Siany! Can I call you like that, please? :P
You're welcome! :) I'm so glad that you're allright and it's also good to hear that there's nothing wrong with you in your blood test ;D
Why is it weird that you sleep well at night? Hehe. Of course you have to be glad that everything is ok with you. I'm glad too! Weeeeeee!
Oh, I wish you all the best in your job searching. Ok. Got it! Your birthday is on August 13th so. Mine is on May 5th :P Have a great week too! ;D
What's new with you?
Xoxoxo ^^
At 11:12pm on July 14, 2010, Glacier said…
He Sian! ;D
Hehe. Thanks for being comprehensive! You're far too kind =)
How are you? I was worried for you! :S I mean, you said you were not feeling right. I hope you to have got well :DDD
I understand. I don't hate needles, but I understand that some people can hate them and it's ok if you feel afraid of them.
When will it be your birthday? :) For sending you some greeting ;D
College is going well by the moment. I'm very close to exams, they will be next wekk and I'm nervous about it =/ But I hope things go well with that.
I'm sorry about that! That you cannot do English level 2. So, how are things going for you? How have you been lately? Have a great day too! Take care. See you! ^^
At 9:11am on July 2, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi again Sian!! I'm sorry for the late reply, it's just I've been very busy lately! :S Anyway, now I've got some time and I wanted to write you :DDD Hahaha ... I imagine that there's so much heat there! In here we're having cold weather and besides, some rainy days XD lol ... I'm fine, just working hard and doing some stuff for college :/ Anyway, I hope I can rest this weekend :) So, any plans for the weekend? :P Take care. See you ^^
At 6:01am on June 23, 2010, Margherita said…
If you need a job I hope for, but work could be very sressful. I wonna a holiday.... I work since 5 years and now I'm very tired.... But is also true that the work makes you at least a little independent, so you can buy and do what you want ....
At 11:03am on June 22, 2010, Chiara76 said…
Wow you're so lucky!!! I hope that they come in Italy...I'm very curious for the new do you expect it?
At 11:46am on June 21, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi Sian! How have you been? Thanks a lot for your gift!! :DDD
At 10:26am on June 21, 2010, Margherita said…
No :(! It's very cold and it's raining all day! But it'll be better the next day! I hope too ^_^!
So what do you spend your day?
At 12:54am on June 20, 2010, Margherita said…
I'm preatty good thx! I hope on some date on Italy, but if they don't come on, I will go at the date more near me, like Austria.... You are luky, it will be a great show!
At 12:33am on June 20, 2010, Chiara76 said…
Hi! I'm pretty good thx! LP will come in UK in november!! Will you go at the concert?
At 6:13am on June 18, 2010, Chiara76 said…
Hi! How are u?
At 5:39am on June 18, 2010, Margherita said…
Hi! how are you? It's a long time.... Do you see the news about LP? Do you will go to one of LP next concert?
At 1:13pm on June 3, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi there Sian!! :DDD It has been so long since we didn't talk each other in here ... I'm fine, thanks and my job is allright. Some days are more stressing and some others more relaxing, but in general, it's ok ;) What about you? Have have you been? :) Hmmm ... Well, if you think it's better to you not to be in the dog grooming place ... I think I'm happy for you in that case! :DDD Hahaha ... That sounded funny. I hope those dogs have not hurt you too much. The other day, when I went to a classmate house, her dog bit me :S So I now that's not so good ... LOL ... I haven't got LP game because I have no iPhone or iPod Touch ... I think it's a good game, and I really hope I can play it ;D So, any plans for the weekend? Have a very nice day! Take care. See you ^^
At 2:33pm on April 30, 2010, Glacier said…
Oops! I imagine how hard is to bath big dogs XD Hehe...I see it's better when you have to bath small dogs :D But I'm glad that you're working and that you have some fun with that.
Well, in my job I'm an assistant of a Head-Director in my college. It's not so funny, but I think it's interesting :P I hope you have a great weekend and that you can have nice spring. In here, we're in autumn season, so I have to wait some more for the spring :/
Don't worry if you replyed late. I understand that you forgot that you didn't reply. Anyway, take care! ^^
At 9:34am on April 15, 2010, Glacier said…
I'm so sorry to hear that :/ I hope you can have better days from now on :DDD I'm glad that you're starting a new placement. It's great! And you will go to Italy? That's awesome!!;))) You can't wait for sure. That's exciting! It's good to know that you're brighted up a bit.
Well, I've been a bit tired lately, 'cause I already started college and I got a new job. I don't have time to stay at home, so I hope I can have rest this weekend :P
What have you done lately? And how have you been?
Hope you have a great day and some fun too hehe ^^
At 7:36pm on April 8, 2010, Glacier said…
Hi! I'm glad that you're allright and that you replayed, even when it was late (only kidding! it's OK! XD) I'm fine, just a little bit lazy 'cause I'll start university on next Monday...LOL...Why a rough month on March? That's not good! I'm truly sorry! :/ Where will you go on holiday? That sounds cool! And I'm glad that you're having a better month :DDD Take care...See you soon! ^^
At 12:50pm on March 19, 2010, Glacier said…
hi! it has been some time without talking to you :/ have you been lately? ^^
At 12:07am on February 23, 2010, Margherita said…
Wow Japain, really nice......


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