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At 6:14am on July 14, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
我比你辛苦多多多了!!禮拜一三四五六都要上兩堂課...三五還要再加課!!只有二要去學吉他..日出門玩...找一天你來幫幫我 :)))現在經濟不景氣,別出國了..留在台灣陪我呀!!
At 3:26am on July 14, 2010, elena said…
Hey I'm fine thanks!!
We just speak greek but with english letters! :P
:) It's very cool!!
At 8:42pm on July 13, 2010, Wennie Liao said…
At 3:57am on July 13, 2010, elena said…
Nice photos!! :D :D
At 3:56am on July 13, 2010, elena said…
Thanks For adding me!! :D So,how are u???
At 3:48am on July 13, 2010, VickyLP said…
hey there! thanks for the add! :D how are u? :D
At 5:17am on July 12, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
At 3:48am on July 12, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
你那個打得也太明顯了一點.... 很無聊耶..我刪掉了 xD
上中山女中吧..哇咧咧..讀四年女校...:(( 吉他的照片我幾天後再弄,因為我覺得清理好麻煩...
我要去跟孟潔媽媽學耶,還是你能教我???? 約在你家?? 你家住哪???
你可以的話..傳封簡訊給我好嗎?? 謝啦!!
At 2:00am on July 12, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
對了.. 我比上次多錯一題...
至於New York自由行..你要當個男人,照顧好你媽!!!知道嗎??
(雖然這樣講好像怪怪的 lol)hehehe...到時候再把照片寄給我..你不要只拍hot boys的照片!!拍一點也不錯啦xD拍些溫文儒雅的風景照也很好:))))
你這次考得怎樣?? PS.吉他到手了..哇哈哈, 昨天馬上:))))) xD
At 3:34pm on June 11, 2010, Kianna Shinoda Maiden said…
hi friend, how are you?????, sorry not very often greet you but I had no internet and I am doing some paperwork for school, but I love music, I die for this, I would love to have a rock band and being a drummer, hahaha, I like to travel, although I not had the opportunity to leave my country, tell me how is your country? ??? greetings, bye XD
At 2:56am on June 4, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
鴉鴉鴉... 以後就見不到你了..
This is it, the end.. i'll miss you.
At 3:51am on May 27, 2010, Marta said…
thanks soo much :)
At 3:28pm on May 24, 2010, Kianna Shinoda Maiden said…
thanks, your page is very nice too, you are from taiwan right? wow, tell me more about you, how old are you? see you XD
At 8:11am on May 24, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
Oops.. I didn't see that.. Sorry~~
At 10:33am on May 23, 2010, Marta said…
of course...i like them xDDD cool band :P
omg my exams starts soon :( strangeeee
im afraid cause they are always difficult :/
At 5:07am on May 23, 2010, Mandy Hsu said…
我388分!!!! (尖叫!!!)
你咧? 有可能考第二次嗎??
At 11:14am on May 18, 2010, Soap Illusion said…
now everything is ok)
now we're together)
it'll be 1 year in 1st of june ^^
At 8:48am on May 10, 2010, Soap Illusion said…
i was in love.
but now i dont know what happened(
and im very unhappy...
ill be waiting.
At 11:18am on May 8, 2010, Marta said…
thank u ;))
in june i will be 15 xD
At 3:19am on May 8, 2010, Soap Illusion said…
oh thx ^^
to you too)
im not ok actually, but is alright)


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