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Comment by Simrat Singh on April 20, 2012 at 3:33am

simply i waana say linkin park is the best and will always remain the best. all credit goes to just chester(linkin park hero)

Comment by on April 19, 2012 at 1:14pm

You told me yes / You held me high.And I believed when you told that lie I played that soldier / You played king. And struck me down when I kissed that ring You lost that right / to hold that crown. I built you up but you let me down so when you fall / I'll take my turn and fan the flames as your blazes burn!!! love this music...!!!!

Comment by Alexandra Nofi on April 19, 2012 at 11:41am

I like Hybrid Theory, I adore Meteora, Minutes to Midnight is my favorite album to date, and I usually get very upset whenever anyone says disrespectful or close-minded comments about A Thousand Suns.

I don't know what it is about this song, but every time I listen to it, I expect something more than what I am hearing. I've said to Mike on his blog plenty of times that you, the band, know what you are doing. One thing I have noticed is Chester sometimes sounds like he is forcing his vocals to sound a specific way. Songs like The Messenger, where he screams due to his nervousness, are evidence of that. Whenever Chester attempts to sound innocent, it comes across as superficial, because I can hear him forcing his voice to do something that he likely does not stand behind. In addition to that, there is a chemistry between Chester and Mike as vocalists that isn't heard until near the end of the song. Even if Mike had just done backing vocals in the first and second verse, that would have been fine. Chester should not have been left to stand alone.

Getting beyond that, these lyrics are absolutely beautiful. The thought that went behind them is so obvious to me, and the growth in the lyricism just blew me away. To me, it's about understanding what you have done, what other people have done to you, and patiently waiting for the moment when they get what's coming to them.

Mike's rapping is right in his nitch. He sounds so rhythmic, and it's been many years since he has gone that route. Something about him and the reggae tempo (even though this song is not reggae styled) just go very well together.

I do like the melody of this, it's very catchy and much more flowy than your songs usually are. The chorus has a nice kick to it too, which for a slow tempo song, is pretty hard to do.

Overall, I do think the song is very nice, but definitely in the very small group of your songs that are less successful. I know the album is coming out soon and that you likely aren't planning to work on it more than you already have, but if that were possible, you should. It's a great idea in this song, but maybe it's just not ready to be heard yet.

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