My interview with Esmee Denters @ The Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits Concert in Belgium.

If the video isn't working, go watch it on this link:

Here's the english translation of the interview:

Lode: Hello esmee denters first you was working in a pancake house and now you are a famous singer!

Esmee: Yeah its really bizarre because i posted videos on youtube and now im doing the pre-show for enrique iglesias.

Lode: You are signed by justin timberlake tenman records how is that happened?

Esmee: Yeah at that moment i had a lot of viewers on my youtube channel and he heard of a girl singing covers on youtube and he took contact with my management and later i met him on one of his concert. Thats were everything started.

Lode: He sad to you that you sang his song better than him how is that feeling?

Esmee: I dont think i sang that song better :P but its was really cool he is a nice person and working with him is just crazy.

Lode: What is JT his role working on your album.

Esmee: Yes the album is now finished and JT was really concerned with the album he was also writing that you defenitly can hear on the album.

Lode: Your album is coming soon out when is it exactly

Esmee: 22 may it will come out in holland and soon in belgium.

Lode: Are there things you have to drop out like a boyfriend because you hadnt alot of time

Esmee : (laughing) well i didnt had a boyfriend and still not have a boyfriend but i dont have alot of time for that but i was of course at school and studding is really important but this was my chance what i really wanted and i can studying when ever i want.

Lode: Are you gonna stop singing covers on youtube or you still further that?

Esmee: At this moment I wrote really much songs and I am now concentrate with my own music, maybe later.

Lode: are you gonna use your webcam again?

Esmee: I think with a better camera :D


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Comment by Lode Jersiebe on February 20, 2011 at 8:47am
The Esmee Denters fan who uploaded this video on the internet is removed from Youtube so I uploaded the interview by myself. You guys can watch it again:
Comment by Patrick Micheal Boyer on March 20, 2010 at 3:17am
Wow,dude!Thats you interviewing!say i have an account on YouTube i know have 4 videos on there.
Comment by Jaclyn Furnier on March 18, 2010 at 7:10am
Amazing story and you both look cool :D

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