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Emily returns to the Hamptons intent on uncovering the fate of her mother. When she discovers Victoria is still alive and in hiding Emily seeks her out. Conrad pays off Charlotte's doctor to keep her in rehab so he can access her inheritance money to save Grayson Global. Ashley isn't happy to see the return of Emily now that she is dating Daniel and Jack is struggling to keep the bar afloat, protecting Declan, and take care of Amanda, who is carrying his child.

Revenge Season 2 Episode 12
Episode Name: Collusion
Air date: 1/20/2013

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After the success of Conrad's plan to gain Charlotte's inheritance to help Grayson Global, Victoria has no choice but to let him know she is alive. Together they conspire to frame The White-Haired Man for her "abduction." Daniel gets Charlotte out of rehab and Emily introduces Charlotte to her "sister," Amanda. Jack demands Amanda take a paternity test, and when the paternity reveals that Jack is the baby's biological father, Emily lies to Amanda by saying she altered the test and that Jack isn't the biological father, when he really is. And Aiden kills The White-Haired Man after he attacks Emily in her home.

As Emily tries to get Aiden to leave the Hamptons, her past with him back in Japan in 2008 begins to haunt her. At the same time, Emily discovers a surprising connection between The White Haired Man and her mother. Meanwhile, as Declan is caught with breaking into Kenny Ryan's residence, Victoria holds a press conference to show that the Graysons are back and stronger than ever, going so far as to reveal the identity of Charlotte's father and welcome "Amanda" into the family. And Jack promises to stand by his child, but ends his relationship with Amanda after she breaks her promise to stay away from the Graysons.


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