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"American Horror Story" will air episode 12 this evening, and the usually terrifying material will have a contact of "Glee" to it! So, who is the fortunate "Glee" acting professional set to make their first appearance in the terrifying hallways of the Briarcliff Asylum? Max Adler!
Adler formerly appeared on He Murphy's "Glee" as Lady Karofsky. Karofsky was a baseball gamer at McKinley High and definitely not a fan of the joy team ... usually getting aggressive with its associates.

In episode 12 of "American Horror Story," "Continuum" Max Adler will be dealing with the part of Mr. Capshaw ... and unfortunately we don't know anything else on the character!
However, we do know that episode 12 will find a "deadly new inmate" harmful Sis Jude's possibility of launch from Briarcliff (although episode 11 revealed the Monsignor informing Lana that Jude murdered herself). Lovers can also look ahead to Elegance becoming enthusiastic about the aliens ... and switching aggressive. We'd like to believe that the attraction and assault arises from being suggested to by Kit only to go to his house and understand that his "dead" spouse is in existence and well ... with a child.
Thanks to, we also know a couple more luscious spoilers about episode 12, "Continuum":

- Episode 12 will be damaged up into four sections that shift audiences throughout the 50's.

- Area one will be based around Kit in 1967. Area two will concentrate on Jude in 1968. Area three will demonstrate fans Lana in 1969 and the ultimate segment will carry audiences to present day Weakling Experience, Ashton Morgan.
- Kit will be proven in his "tighty-whities" that could possibly be splattered with blood stream.

- Briarcliff will be getting two more prisoners, presumably during segment two on Jude in 1968. Zap2It reviews that audiences already know one (possibly Kit due to some gossips of blood stream splatter) and that the other is "simply a acquainted face" (possibly Eric Stonestreet).
- Lana will be haunted by someone from her previous in her segment in 1969.
"American Horror Story" airs this evening, Wed, Jan. 16 at 10 p.m. on FX.
Are you thrilled for episode 12, "Continuum?" Will bark in material section below!

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